Free Introductory Course to Pointed Nib Calligraphy


FREE course for beginners. Three comprehensive lessons to start writing with a pointed calligraphy pen and ink. Suitable for right and left-handed.

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This is the perfect free introductory course to Pointed Nib Calligraphy. It is aimed at people with non or little experience writing with a pointed pen. To start, the exercises can be done with a pencil if you don’t own a calligraphy pen but after acquiring one, repeat all the exercises with a pointed pen as the way the pencil and nib glade on the paper is very different.

This free online version of the course is perfect for learning from the comfort of your home and be sure I will be ready to help you along the way.

To better explain all the concepts in this course and give you the opportunity of asking questions, an online webinar will be offered once a month. To enrol in the webinar, please visit my shop.

This course will cover:
  • Basic materials: with all the products offered in the market, it is easy for a beginner to feel overwhelmed and confused about what to buy. This course will provide you with the names of materials and recognised brand to gather your basic calligraphy kit.
  • How to use a pointed pen: writing with a calligraphy pen has its secrets, and if you don’t know them the experience could be frustrating. Learn how to hold your pen, apply pressure to do the thick strokes and the best position for your pen when writing straight or with a slant.
  • Practice exercises on applying and releasing pressure to the pen: this technique needs a bit of practice before starting with the letter’s shapes. This basic strokes will help you to easily get the consistency of your alphabet.
  • Warm-up and drill exercises: like with physical exercise, it is advisable to warm-up your muscles before writing. To use this easy drills for a couple of minutes before writing will make a big difference to your practice.



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