Welcome to CalligrAbility first post

Sorry! As a big fan of Jane Austen, I couldn’t resist using the start of one of her most famous literary quotes when writing this post.


coffee and notebook

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged …’ that practising calligraphy can be a relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding activity. Well, at least most of the time. Working by yourself means you can feel lonely too.

It is not a coincidence that I started this CalligrAbility first post with a quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In Miss Austen’s time, sending and receiving letters was an essential part of everyday life. Back then, they treasured letters, read them again and again, and kept them together with a delicate ribbon. These rituals not only aimed to preserve the words and sentiments the letter contained. In fact, it was the individuality of the person’s handwriting that made it possible to cross distance and time, keeping families and friends together.

Times have changed and technology rules our lives now, but together, we can keep communicating through this blog.

I want to reach you, fellow calligrapher enthusiast, and start our conversation. This is the perfect space for us to motivate, encourage and support each other. 

Every Tuesday, we will be

  • Sharing tips and advice
  • Pointing you towards great work from colleagues, masters and calligraphy associations
  • Showing you my work in calligraphy and related craft
  • Suggesting development ideas and resources
  • Inviting you to my online training courses (coming soon)

Do you have some information to share too? You can send us an email on [email protected]. We will appreciate every collaboration, comment and idea.

I will be writing again to you soon

With kindest regards,