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Five reasons why I love Zoom Meetings!

I never thought before that I will love Zoom Meetings as I do now. It is true that during the pandemic, I missed both, teaching and learning calligraphy so much. Or I should say I missed it so much until I discovered some great online sessions.

For me, joining a Zoom Meeting with The Wild Ink, the North West Calligraphers’ Association or The European Pointed Pen Collective is always fulfilling and charges my batteries for the week ahead. Creativity could be seen as an individual and internal process, more than ever during the lockdown. So my creativity has been definitely fuelled by the camaraderie and shared interest found in the Zoom meetings I attended, and these are the reasons why I love them.

1- Online sessions are always entertaining!

We are all novices to new technology and when things go wrong, instead of complaints, there are always laughs, help and understanding. Definitely, having a good time is more valued than perfection! Contrary to what I thought, it is not difficult to join or create an online class. Since last March, I attended courses to retrain myself, and I am happily surprised I managed to succeed. My favourite classes are “Create and sell your first course” and “Build webinars that convert“, by the Talented Ladies Club. Hannah Martin is a generous and experienced tutor, and her online sessions are full of information and easy to follow lessons. You will be able to design, promote and sell your online course along as you are learning.

2- There is no inconvenient location anymore!

Technology has opened the door to courses inaccessible for me before. We can now attend online workshops at any location from the comfort of our home. No more hours on the motorway, no more disappointment because a course was abroad or because I need extra expenditure on meals and accommodation. I especially like the talks and workshops offered by The European Pointed Pen Collective, tutored by great calligraphers from all around the world.

3- Demos are more easily watched in an overhead camera

During a demo in class, students are positioned around the tutor’s desk. Unfortunately, this arrangement makes some of them miss a lot of details. Now, because the session is on the screen, close-ups and a clear vision of what the tutor is demonstrating result in a better understanding of the techniques. Now, Everyone is able to see clearly what to do.

Lucia Leyfield zoom meeting
Lucia Leyfield teaching online her workshop – The Wild Ink
4- The connection between tutor and students is still there!

If there was something I loved before, it was receiving my students to every lesson. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a stop to our sessions for a while. For that reason, I am offering now my first Zoom Meeting, Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy, as the perfect companion to the FREE course of the same title. Combined, they are particularly useful for beginners, as I will be demonstrating and answering questions during our Zoom Meeting. It is also an excellent opportunity to know me and try calligraphy before committing to a longer course.

5- We are all in this together…

During this pandemic, isolation is taking its toll on everyone. Maybe you will agree that being able to see, listen and share a calligraphy experience with other people is powerful and memorable. Through online meetings, we can reconnect with friends and meet new ones. That is why I embrace this new normal of learning online. I hope to see you soon, in one of mine or any other online course!

Stay safe and keep well

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