Computer fonts based on Handwriting

It is a truth universally acknowledged… that fonts on a computer and a person’s Handwriting can be considered the face and tail of the communications coin. But everyone will pick one or the other, won’t they?

It is not a caprice I started another of my post with the well-known quotation from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, by Jane Austen (click here for the previous post). It is well known by her admirers that her distinctive Handwriting has been reproduced on many occasions as a facsimile of her letters. In a time driven by technology, now everyone can have access to her handwriting as computer fonts. Nowadays, you can write a complete letter in her font as Jane did by hand in her time.
But why do that? Why would somebody take the time to emulate Handwriting in a medium so little related to humans as the computer is?

As Handwriting is an essential part of who we are, two main reasons come to my mind. First, it reveals the identity of the writer. The gestures and tone of voice will accompany the words’ meaning when reading a handwritten note or letter. And second, it is an insight into the personality. For instance, in Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy’s neat and elegant writing corresponds with his severe and introvert disposition. Meanwhile, the messy letters, blobs and unfinished sentences written by Mr Bingley matched his bubbly and gregarious personality.

facsimile of Jane Austen's writing

An existing example of Jane Austen’s Handwriting font

The two reasons above are enough to justify the work of researching, comparing and reproducing Jane Austen’s Handwriting into a computer font. But instead of taking my word for it, please look at Pia Frauss website to discover why Dr Marianne Steinbauer created her Jane Austen font. I can ensure you that you will enjoy the reading.

As explained in Dr Steinbauer’s webpage, the pattern and rhythm of handwritten letters and fonts are not the same. You can easily spot the difference. Fonts show regularity and consistency that is not present in Handwriting. The lack of symmetry is the real beauty of the latter over the perfection of the former. We are not perfect, and neither is our writing.

sample of Jane Austen font

Take your pick

When you write a letter to a loved one, use your handwriting and send it by snail mail; or write an email using Jane Austen’s Handwriting font. The results will not be the same but you will make their day, for sure! And if you want to receive a handwritten letter from me, just email me your postal address and an envelope will be arriving soon through your post.

Kind regards and until next week.


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  1. Interesante material! . Tengo guardadas cartas de papel de mis amigues y familia , cada una en su forma de escribir me trae el recuerdo de su actitud en la vida. Son también el tiempo que me regalaron que queda ahí inmortalizado para siempre en ese papel. Gracias, tu nota me hizo reflexionar sobre ello.

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